Wellbeing Leadership

You’re a leader…whether you lead a team, a town, a family or your yourself.

You understand  wellbeing encompasses the mind, the body and the spirit.

You’re an artist, whether you think you are or not. You creatively design your life and fill it with your unique expression every day.

You’re open to new ideas and consistently go to edge of your comfort zone knowing that’s where real transformation and growth takes place. Brene Brown calls being in the arena, I call it being on the dance floor. Whatever the name it means striving for authenticity, for being your best self and being willing to seek support, laugh at yourself, and be kind and compassionate with yourself, or at least be mindful of it.

You endeavor to surround yourself with positive heart centered people because you know that your environment and those around you affect your health and state of mind and you need them to be supportive and fun helps too.

And you value authenticity…even though it’s hard sometimes… but you’d rather be real that live with shallow insincerity.

Through Wellbeing Leadership Strategies I offer programs, seminars, retreats, and talks which speak to aligning with our values in order to nurture our minds, our bodies and our spirit or inner compass in order to thrive in this time of uncertainty, when innovation and resourcefulness are at a premium. In order to do this we have to be at our best, physically and mentally.

I provide to the skills and training to help you access your most powerful expansive, joyful, and productive self.

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Myrna Marofsky

Nicola’s knowledge of mind/body science and business acumen was the ideal match for my group of high powered business executives. She provided an experience that set the stage for the kind of deep thinking that fosters innovation and excellence.

Myrna Marofsky, Founder, BWC and Red Book LLC